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We at Pinnacle are specialized in serving the most challenging software testing needs across various domains

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We at Pinnacle are specialized in serving the most challenging software testing needs across various domains. Our expert QA team works cohesively on each project meeting quality standards as well as fulfilling the client expectations. Being a software testing company, Pinnacle maintains a distinguished level of service which blends top quality with cost effective solutions. We are always on the job, building, protecting and delivering testing


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Product Quality

starting from 3000$
Up to 3 Projects
Unlimited Hosted Projects
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No Password Protection
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Turnkey validation of specific releases. Outsourced/Managed QA as your QA partner. Automation/Scripting development. Load, Stress, Performance & Scalability testing.

Practise Quality

starting from 5000$

Assess your QA practice. Sharpen development test practice. Make your test practice smarter. Note it is about the Practice (how-you-do) not the Process (what-you-do).

Up to 10 Projects
Unlimited Hosted Projects
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No Password Protection
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People Quality

starting from 9000$

Equip people with smarter test techniques via HBT based workshops that cover the entire breath of testing. Assess competencies/skills to enable individuals/organizations to sharpen.

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Hosted Projects
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Meet the Team

CEO, Founder
Virginia Howard



Functional Testing

Pinnacle provides complete suite of manual and automated functional testing services, delivered throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. We guarantee quality software and provide bug-free product what is important to the organization (i.e. costs, quality, time, scope) and how, by whom and when testing should be carried out. The test process is referred to in the test strategy and adhered to during the test planning, test analysis and test design, test build and test execution sub-processes and the process steps required within each sub-process.compliance with all functional requirements.

ERP Testing

The objective of ERP testing is to support our clients with the testing service in the implementation and achievement of improvements of ERP applications. ERP systems play an important role in carrying out the mission critical business processes/operations in enterprises. Over the last few years, spending on the ERP systems has been at the top of the mind for many global CIOs due to challenges involved in an ERP implementation viz., complex technology landscape, performance issues, multiple stakeholders with the high costs associated with an ERP implementation, it is critical to utilize an unbiased QA and testing partner to ensure that the ERP system works as expected

User Acceptance Testing

UAT is one of the final and critical software project procedures that must occur before newly developed software is rolled out to the market. UAT is also known as beta testing, application testing or end user testing.UAT directly involves the intended users of the software. UAT can be implemented by making software available for a free beta trial on the Internet or through an in-house testing team comprised of actual software users.

Automation Testing

Pinnacle has in place an automation methodology and framework conditioned to help clients make optimum use of resources and exploit best practices and the finest tools to plan test automation.

Performance Testing

Our tailor-made performance testing services evaluate, anticipate and manage software performance under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions — at each stage of the software development life cycle.

Security Testing

In the current inter-connected world, it is essential for every organization to ensure the security of its network to protect its information lying on various end-points on the network. Since there are various methods for connecting to the network like LAN, WAN etc., this throws open various avenues of threats.

Staff Augmentation

Pinnacle’s staff augmentation IT outsourcing services are most suited for companies that staff internal technology teams and that want to augment their IT bandwidth with services of a high quality and a low relative cost.

Managed Services

The world has changed over the last decade and current market dynamics demand faster test cycles, improved testing efficiency, reduced time to deployment, and improved software quality at lower costs.

Outsourcing QA

Outsourcing QA brings great business benefits to companies that are seeking to improve the quality of their production applications, reduce business risk through rigorous testing and augment and improve upon the incumbent testing teams and processes.


Following general facts represent our dedication and passion about our work.

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At Pinnacle, we believe that our growth is the derivative of our team member's growth. We are always looking out for creative, talented, result-oriented individuals who are ambitious, love challenges and have a passion to excel!Join our team, grow and help us grow !

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